Grateful For Today

Grateful For Today

by Bryce Mackie

Content Advisory: This story contains references to suicide

I have made films addressing my personal experience with mental health and addiction over the past 20 years. My goal is to destigmatize the topics of mental health and addiction and to create awareness so that people suffering can ask for help, know they are not alone, and realize there is always hope.

When I was 17 years old I made a film titled Eternal High about my struggle with severe anxiety and depression. Through therapy, family support, and medication, I survived my illnesses and I was able to show my film and tell my story of mental health through speeches I gave to high schools and colleges across the United States.

Recently, I made a film titled Clarity about my decade-long battle with substance use disorder, and I am currently giving speeches on my recovery with that as well. I have used the pain I have experienced as fuel to not only help others but to also remain grateful each day that I am mentally well and sober.

I chose to share my story with ADAA because I respect the organization. ADAA is an amazing organization that provides great resources and awareness for such topics, and I want to help others by sharing my story with them.

So very grateful for today.

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