Living with Uncontrollable: Emetophobia

Living with Uncontrollable: Emetophobia

by Zara R

My journey with emetophobia and generalized anxiety disorder began at eight years old, and it’s been daunting, to say the least.

Emetophobia controls your entire life. It’s a life of not being around alcohol. It’s a life of not eating at restaurants over fears of food-borne illness. It’s a life of not wanting children due to their unpredictability of getting sick. It’s being afraid to spend time with people, especially during flu season. It’s being on edge watching TV waiting for the awfully graphic throw-up scenes.

Thankfully, with forms of therapy, these avoidance behaviors can be fixed. I can now be around people having a couple of casual drinks, I’ve been able to eat some of my “fear foods” and with the help of therapy, my phobia is getting better every week!

Things that have helped me overcome these avoidances:

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