My Anxiety Triumph

My Anxiety Triumph

by Nikia Jones

My name is Nikia Jones. I'm a School Counselor and I experienced anxiety and depression during my first year on my current job.

I had a breakdown, mental illness, and I was hospitalized and dealt with many disorders. It took years before finding a psychiatrist. Even more years before finding therapy. 

I've been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I often get panic attacks, I suffer from depression as well and I'm currently on medication.

It took years before I felt better. I had health problems that lead to removing my gallbladder. I had difficulty getting out of bed and showering. There were times when I couldn't be in groups with people due to social anxiety disorder. I had to take time off of work. 

The reason I reached out to ADAA is because I started doing my research on depression and anxiety a few years ago when I was diagnosed with both.

I really enjoyed reading the website. I work in a school where many girls are suffering from depression and anxiety as well as other co-occurring disorders. I educate my students on the importance of wellness.

I'm doing ok now. I recently just started my own non-profit. It's in the early stages. Girls, Anxiety & Depression. The website will be completed soon.

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