Realizing My Power

Realizing My Power

by Charmagne

I want to start off by saying I never knew or really understood anxiety. 

I have always been someone who worries, stresses, and constantly wondered "what If." It became normal and a constant in my life. I knew something wasn't right when those things would constantly cause me to have moments where I couldn't catch my breath. However, I ignored it and hide it from everyone. Over time I continued to have these moments and now I wasn't sleeping. One day it happened in public at work. I noticed everyone was looking at me and I ran into the bathroom because I was so embarrassed. When I got to my car it happened again but this time the ambulance was called. I was taken to the hospital where I was introduced to ADAA.

I was told about this organization and how there was tools that I would find useful. There I learned more about anxiety and the importance of getting help to control it as it can be a risk to your health. This family gave me the confidence to admit I needed help and to seek help. I told my family and they were very supportive. I now have a therapist that has done wonders for me. I am learning relaxation techniques, learning  that I'm in control, learning how to calm myself before it goes too far. 

Thanks to the support from family, therapist, and ADAA my world is now more manageable but I still have more learning to do. Now I want to give back, help support, and spread awareness. This is a safe place with no judgement.

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