Recovery from Panic Disorder: Breaking Through Those Dark Clouds

Recovery from Panic Disorder: Breaking Through Those Dark Clouds

by Elza Tomy

It is with an immense thankful heart that I write about my journey in my fight with panic disorder.  

I was very sensitive as a child and was born as a twin. At the age of 15, my first panic symptom started when my neighbor suddenly passed away and I became afraid of death.   

Life continued and in my personal life there were many changes and stress and that is when the panic disorder as well as agoraphobia set in.

While on my healing journey I came across Neal ( and he guided me through my entire journey. In my opinion, medicine can provide temporary relief but CBT should be the first line of treatment. 

In addition to CBT, I practiced meditation and group fitness, took walks, and improved my sleep habits and diet. After seven months of these practices, I showed signs of definite improvement and in one year I felt that I had found my way back to myself. 

Along the way, I found strength in my religion, with the guiding help of my pastor.  

My three “golden drops of rain”: my religion, Neal, and Saul – my personal counselor. They finally put an end to my struggle and suffering and brought me back to life. Neal - a big thanks to you for showing me the path to treatment and replying to all my e-mails without fail and helping me walk along a new path. All those dark clouds were taken away by these three golden drops of rain. 

For those reading my story, I can assure you that you can come out of this completely. Anyone can recover if you are determined and put all these things together.  

There is no more storm, the sky is clear, no more helpless cries, it's bright sunny days and I pray that everyone gets healed.   

Elza Tomy 

Bangalore, India 

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