To All Who Struggle Silently

To All Who Struggle Silently

by Scott O'Connor

Hi to all who struggle every day. I've been struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and depression for most my life. I have been struggling since I was a child with these disorders and have seen terrible downward spirals. I couldn't get along in school or work and keep a job to support myself, a hell of a long road that nearly never ends. And I just had to put down the best little dog anyone has ever seen. The holidays are very tough because my little brother of 56 years died by suicide and I'm sole caregiver for my mentally ill mother—who is 2 handfuls, very negative and tough to be around.

I pray for peace of mind. My anxiety has taken toll on my physical health as well with my chronic pain. I haven't overcome my mental health issues, it's a constant battle every morning. I’ve been doing online support groups and reading up as much I can.  Mental health services where I Iive in Florida are tough to present anyways.

I hope the best for anyone struggling and trying! It's very tough to cope. Sending love to all who silently struggling with life in these out-of-control times. I shared my story because I feel it helps to release these feelings of being overwhelmed, depressed and anxious.

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