Michael Gleason

Michael Gleason Board Member_0_0.jpgMichael Gleason is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Brands, LLC, an innovative technology and online media company based in Southern California. The company’s subsidiary, Healthcare Brands, LLC, is the publisher of a network of healthcare websites including Anxiety.org.

Born and raised in Iowa, Michael is the son of a physician who sought to change healthcare through entrepreneurial innovation and public service including serving as President Clinton’s senior health policy advisor and as Iowa’s Commissioner of Public Health.  Michael feels a sense of responsibility to carry his late father's mission to future generations with a goal of changing the way we access healthcare information and think about healthcare.

 A scientist and successful entrepreneur, Michael created, built, and sold two technology companies before founding Consumer Brands. One served large healthcare clients such as Allergan and Bausch & Lomb; the other developed software and VoIP solutions in partnership with both Level 3 and XO Communications.

Prior to his business career, Michael worked in Washington, D.C. for Senator Tom Harkin on alternative energy initiatives and the Child Support Assurance Act and advised President Bill Clinton on educational funding issues related to science and technology.

Michael holds an M.S. in Physical Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. from the University of California, Los Angeles. His research at MIT, in collaboration with the Harvard Department of Physics, involved the fundamentals of optical computing.

Michael serves on the board of the Orange County School of the Arts Foundation which is dedicated to the financial support of the school’s tuition-free artistic programs.  He is also the driving force behind Work.org whose mission is to establish workforce centers on military bases to provide training and jobs for military spouses and veterans.  

Michael joined the ADAA board in 2017 as an Honorary Board Member.

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