The Early Career Professionals and Students SIG unites students and early career professionals interested in the clinical treatment and research of anxiety and depression. The group develops ADAA conference activities organized around topics specifically relevant to students and early career professionals, and offers an initial avenue for students and early career professionals to become more involved in ADAA by encouraging new and continuing ADAA membership.

If you’re interested in joining this SIG, please login to your member account and choose Groups under My Membership on the right hand navigation. Have a question about the member platform? Please contact Astrid Masfar, ADAA Staff Liaison.

Please view the ADAA SIG Guidelines for responsibilities and expectations. 

SIG Co-Chairs:

  • Ashley Clausen, PhD - Duke University/Durham VAMC - Co-Chair
  • Krystal Lewis, PhD - National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Mental Health - Co-Chair

SIG Vice Chairs:

  • Alex Bettis, PhD
  • Amanda W. Baker, PhD
  • Chair Emeritus: Stephanie Woodrow, LCPC, NCC

Board Liaison:
Sheila Rauch, PhD, ABPP, Emory University School of Medicine 

2018-2019 Annual Report


  • Organized a three-part webinar series "Preparing Yourself to be a Competitive Applicant: The Ins and Outs of Curriculum Vitae, Personal Statements and Cover Letters" in an effort to provide guidance to help prepare Early Career Professionals and Students to be competitive applicants for the job force whether that be a position as a clinician, researcher, academic, or some combination of each

  • Soliciting questions for the 2019 Conference round table sponsored by the Early Career Professionals and Students "Getting Your Guide - The Importance of Identifying Supervisors and Mentors as Early Career Trainees and Professionals"

  • Planning the 2019 Early Career Professionals and Students Luncheon with the IGNITE format and theme of “Overcoming Barriers as an Early Career Professional”

  • Preparing the 2019 Conference Buddy Program, including reaching out to seasoned conference attendees and connect them with new conferences attendees

Plans for the Future:

  • Planning to recruit new co-vice chairs for the 2020 conference
  • Developing a marketing plan for Early Career Professionals and Students who are not current members of ADAA to provide them with knowledge and engage them with ADAA.