Professional Growth | ADAA Member Benefits

Professional Growth | ADAA Member Benefits

Susan K. Gurley, Executive Director

Susan K. Gurley, Executive Director

Susan Gurley is the Executive Director of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), a non-profit international mental health association. She is a lawyer and advocate with 25 years of leadership experience working in the mental health and access to justice fields, international development and legal reform, and higher education administration.

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Professional Growth | ADAA Member Benefits

Professional Growth

As an ADAA member you enjoy many great benefits.

But did you know that joining ADAA also enhances your professional growth?

ADAA members:

membership check_2.jpgParticipate in educational programs, publications, and governance when you join a committee or a SIG (special interest group). Members can also participate in monthly peer consultations through the SIGs. A great way to collaborate and expand your network.

membership check_2.jpgAccess professional webinars at no cost and receive CE credits at a discounted rate. View upcoming webinars.

membership check_2.jpgLearn about current research through Depression and Anxiety, ADAA's official online journal. Access is free for ADAA members.  

membership check_2.jpgSupport ADAA’s mission through annual membership dues.: dues help facilitate producing and sharing free public education resources (webinars, blog posts, podcasts and more) for more than 38 million ADAA annual website visitors. 

membership check_2.jpgMentor: there are many opportunities for ADAA members to mentor an early career professional and to share knowledge and expertise. Every year ADAA offers awards to aspiring professionals. Awards provide access to a professional home, free attendance at the annual conference and unique pairings with senior mentors from our membership. Learn more about how you can mentor someone and share your professional knowledge.

membership check_2.jpgReview conference abstract submissions: this is a great way to get involved, learn from others, and share your expertise.  ADAA receives close to 270 abstract submissions each year for its annual conference. Interested in being a reviewer? Please contact ADAA.

membership check_2.jpgWrite blog posts: ADAA is delighted to share public or professional-focused member blog posts (both geared towards the public or for professionals) on various innovative and current research and practice issues. Professional focused blog posts are posted on the ADAA website, shared through Insights - ADAA’s bi-weekly member email newsletter and highlighted on ADAA’s professional social media platforms. Consumer focused blog posts are posted on the consumer blog post page of the ADAA website, shared via social media and through Triumph, ADAA's monthly consumer email newsletter. Interested in writing a blog post? Contact Lise Bram

membership check_2.jpgHost professional or consumer focused webinars:  ADAA offers interactive webinars for CE credit every month. These live one-hour audiovisual presentations include a brief Q&A session. Following the live event, a recording is made available to the professional community through ADAA’s website and email outreach communications.  ADAA publicizes these webinars through its member email newsletter and through its social media platforms.  Reach a wide group of professionals from around the country and around the world. Share your knowledge and teach others. ADAA members are also encouraged to host a public-focused hour-long webinar. These are pre-recorded and made available through ADAA’s website, email newsletters and social media platforms. Reach a wide audience, help those who are struggling and share your expertise. Interested in hosting a webinar? Contact Lise Bram.

membership check_2.jpgShare your recent research or news placements with ADAA's 1,800+ member community and the 38 million annual consumer website visitors through ADAA’s email communications and social media platforms. Just published a book? ADAA posts member publications on the website. Reach a wide audience and promote your work! Recently published or quoted in a news article? Contact Lise Bram.

membership check_2.jpgCollaborate, network and learn. ADAA offers you a professional home where you can share your research or news, learn from national and international experts and colleagues, and form relationships that can advance your career. As a member you are encouraged to join ADAA's member online community "My ADAA" – an interactive platform ideal for sharing publication announcements, job postings, discussions, and more.

Susan K. Gurley, Executive Director

Susan K. Gurley, Executive Director

Susan Gurley is the Executive Director of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), a non-profit international mental health association. She is a lawyer and advocate with 25 years of leadership experience working in the mental health and access to justice fields, international development and legal reform, and higher education administration.

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