How to Fight Against GAD

How to Fight Against GAD

by Alberto Vota

Hello, my name is Alberto and I have been dealing with GAD and depression for almost 5 years. It's a constant fight against yourself, but with my therapist’s help we have found methods to try to fight against this disorder. Symptoms in my case include irritability, sleep problems, family issues, and trying to escape from stress through alcohol. But the good news is that I have found four things I recommend that (together with medication and therapy) are helping me manage my anxiety and depression.

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat chocolate (in moderation) as it produces endorphins
  3. Find time each day for meditation or spiritual connections
  4. Find a hobby that is different from your job (in my case I love to read)

I reached out to ADAA to share my story as reading other people’s personal stories on their website helps my mental health. I hope that my story helps you and do remember that you are not alone.

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