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ADAA is the only multidisciplinary professional organization engaging the world’s leading experts focused on anxiety and depressive disorders in children and adults.

Our 1,800 member community is made up of a diverse network of clinicians and basic and clinical anxiety and depression researchers with backgrounds in medicine, psychology, social work, counseling, nursing, neuroscience, genetics, epidemiology, and other disciplines. ADAA members strive to improve patient care by promoting implementation of evidence-based treatments and best practices across disciplines through training, continuing education, and accelerating dissemination of research into practice.

Member News

September 2020

ADAA Board of Directors Seeks Nominations For One Open Board Seat
Here is your opportunity to help lead ADAA into the future!

The ADAA Board of Directors, the governing body of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), is a volunteer group of members who are clinicians, researchers, and others with a commitment to advancing treatment, research, training, and education about anxiety disorders and depression. The ADAA Board provides governance and strategic direction to the overall organization. Board members reflect the highest standards of conduct and contribute their skills and resources to advance the mission of ADAA.
The ADAA Board of Directors has an open board seat and will be selecting one candidate to become a member of the Board effective at the end of December, 2020. The open Board seat is designated as ADAA's Early Career Board seat. The early career board member is a voting member of the ADAA Board and serves a two-year term. The Board wishes to enhance its engagement with early career professionals and seeks to have the early career voice fully represented and involved on the ADAA Board. Early career is defined as a professional who has completed her/his/their terminal degree or postdoctoral fellowship/medical/clinical residency (or the equivalent) within the past 10 years. Review the responsibilities and qualifications and download the application form.

July 2020

Attention Early Career Professionals and Students - New ADAA Donor-Funded Diversity Membership Opportunity!

ADAA is excited to announce a new donor-funded membership opportunity - for new members - made possible through the fundraising efforts of ADAA member Krystal Lewis, PhD.

This is a wonderful opportunity for early career professionals and students of color to become involved with an evidence-based, interdisciplinary, and mission driven organization dedicated to bringing the latest in scientific advancement to our professional and public communities. Joining ADAA’s professional community opens the door to enhancing leadership skills and to learning from and networking with a diverse international peer community of mental health professionals and students committed to making a difference in the lives of those struggling with anxiety disorders and depression. Learn more about this great opportunity here.

June 2020

ADAA Stands Against Racism

June 4, 2020

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America’s (ADAA) mission is more critical than ever. Since ADAA’s founding 40 years ago, we have been committed to ensuring that everyone who struggles with an anxiety disorder, depression or PTSD can obtain the resources they need to live healthier and more productive lives. 
Over the last few months, we have seen that many of our poorest neighborhoods and communities of color have suffered disproportionately from the spread of COVID-19. Many of these same marginalized communities are also grappling with economic uncertainty, and now with the recent killing of George Floyd following so many other killings of African Americans, with increased mental health issues. ADAA’s mental health experts understand that exposure to these pervasive racial traumas and stressors are detrimental to one’s mental health. We also know that many people of color who suffer from mental health issues also experience less access to care and services.  Read the full statement here.


May 2020

ADAA’s Board of Directors extends a heartfelt thank you to all ADAA members and supporters for their extraordinary work and effort during the last few months. We invite you to watch this special message of thanks.  A big part of ADAA’s mission has always been to provide access to evidence-based research and treatment information to the public at no cost. Now more than ever, as COVID-19 takes a toll on the world’s mental health, these resources are critical.  ADAA members have lent their expertise in a huge way by hosting webinars, authoring blog posts, and providing useful tips and information in numerous media placements. ADAA is extremely grateful for our members commitment to and support of our mission. 

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