BabyGirl's Enduring Impact: Helping Those with Anxiety and Depression

BabyGirl's Enduring Impact: Helping Those with Anxiety and Depression

by Melanie Sims

BabyGirl was a miniature (puddin) Jack Russell who was 8 years old and only 6 pounds. She was famous in the TikTok world, having 1.5 million followers before she passed away. 

After she this summer, she earned another 600,000 followers. The outpouring of grief from all over the world for this little dog has been overwhelming but also very comforting. The grief is in large part because she caused so much joy to her followers. She was known for using the skimmer basket in the pool as her little doggy door. 

When she used the door, she often took a toy with her and then traveled to the next door neighbor's house for a treat. I would video her little adventures and put them out on TikTok. Her videos total more than 1 billion views just on my TikTok. Her licensed videos have more than tripled that amount on all media platforms.

 One video was shared on Facebook over 300,000 times. Many of her followers would tag "ASMR" in the comments and I began to investigate this term. I soon found out that many used her videos to also ease feelings of anxiety and depression. After her death, I received countless emails and private messages from people all over the world who said she helped them with their mental health struggles. Her joyful antics helped so many people feel better and even if only briefly take their mind off their struggles.

I was approached by Bonfire to start a merchandise campaign for a not for profit. In honor of BabyGirls' fans, I chose to support ADAA’s mission. I will keep her videos on my platforms to help the ADAA community and others who would find joy watching BabyGirl.

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