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Article 02.02.2024

ADAA's Find Your Therapist

ADAA’s Find Your Therapist Directory connects YOU with licensed mental health professionals who are experts in anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD and co-occurring disorders.
Page 12.19.2023

Become a Member / Categories & Fees

ADAA is the only multidisciplinary professional organization engaging the world’s leading experts focused on anxiety and depressive disorders in children and adults. Discover member rates and join today. Questions? Email [email protected].
Page 12.19.2023

ADAA Professional Membership Benefits

ADAA membership offers an extensive list of learning, networking and publication benefits available to you through your ADAA membership.
Page 12.19.2023

ADAA Conference

Join us in Boston, MA (April 11-14) for ADAA's annual conference and connect with more than 1,100 leading clinicians and researchers from across the United States and around the globe focused on the latest anxiety, depression, and co-occurring disorders treatment and research.
Blog post 09.15.2023

Family Accommodations

Obsessive and compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms intensely impact individuals and the entire system in which they live. It can be beyond challenging and painful to watch someone you love struggle with severe anxiety, panic attacks, and engage in behaviors (or thoughts) that do not seem rational.
Blog post 08.21.2023

Four Emotional States to Attend to When Treating OCD

Many of the themes common to OCD have a taboo or forbidden nature to them, making asking for help from treatment providers an anxiety-inducing experience.  Clinicians can be helpful by bringing voice to this issue, acknowledging and validating that anxiety is a natural part of asking for help. 
Blog post 08.17.2023

BDD, Surgeons, and Surgery: Considerations and Questions to Ask

Surgery can be lifesaving. Surgery is often needed and can, for many conditions and situations, be a game changer. But more often than not, a surgical procedure for someone with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) will not help. It could potentially relieve the person of their symptoms for a short amount of time but it cannot treat or cure the underlying disorder.
Blog post 08.14.2023

Medication for Treatment of OCD: Understanding the Options

Although primary care physicians and other non-specialists in mental health feel comfortable managing less complicated anxiety-related disorders, OCD is a more complex diagnosis and ideally should be managed by a psychiatrist.  Before initiating medication, the psychiatrist will first do a thorough assessment to ensure that the diagnosis of OCD is accurate, and to determine the presence of coexisting conditions that may complicate the treatment.