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by Eric Spiegel, PhD

As a psychologist with an expertise in clinical hypnosis, I am often asked questions about how hypnosis works, how it fits into therapy in general, and anxiety treatment in particular.

by Stephanie Kaufman, MSW

Everyone says raising a child is easy right? Like riding a bike—once you learn how, you’ll always know how and it will never change? Wrong, oh so wrong. When it comes to raising kids, things are constantly changing.

On October 11, 2018, ADAA held a Twitter chat under the title #SocialAnxietyADAA. ADAA members Debra Kissen and Holly Scott answered questions on the signs and symptoms of social anxiety as well as coping tips and strategies.


by Eda Gorbis PhD, LMFT

Peggy, an attorney in her late 30s, establishes rituals to protect herself from aging and in her mind, becoming ugly.

by Dominique Apollon, M.ED

Criticism has never been easy and people are finding that it’s getting harder to tolerate. From a young age, you quickly learn what is “trending” or “cool” and the pressure to buy into these social expectations becomes increasingly arduous for an individual to keep up with.

by Rachel Aredia, LCPC

When we lose someone close to us it can feel so difficult to manage. Especially when that person was such a staple in the family or a cherished friend, and I speak to that with both personal and professional experience.

by Susan Gurley, ADAA Executive Director

Since November of 2017 when Facebook launched its new fundraising program, ADAA has been extremely fortunate to receive many generous donations through Facebook fundraisers.

by Stephanie Kaufman, MSW

“Do you promise you’ll pick me up later?”

“Are you sure I’m not sick?”

“Do you promise it will be OK?” 

by Dr. Vera Nezgovorova & Dr. Eric. Hollander

For people with anxiety, depression, or addictions, the internet can be helpful or harmful.

by Heather Von St. James

I started crying as I sat in my car after my last radiation treatment, looking at the diploma they gave me printed on cheap copy paper from the office.