Free monthly webinars address some of the most frequently asked questions about psychological and pharmacological treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, and related disorders for adults as well as children. Experts offer tips and other information you need to know. Mental health professionals are welcome to listen, and encouraged to share these webinars with their clients, but please note that this webinar series is intended for the general public.Continuing education credits are not available for this webinar series. Visit this page for webinars offering CE credits for professionals.

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May 13, 2020
Bethany Teachman, PhD

The threats to our health, economy, and relationships caused by COVID-19 are unprecedented. For many people, this has created not only extreme anxiety, but also feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, and confusion. In this webinar, Dr.

May 13, 2020
Rachel Busman, PsyD

In this webinar, Dr. Busman, Senior Director of the Child Mind Institute discusses parenting in the time of the coronavirus.

Financial Stress and COVID 19
May 1, 2020
Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA
Kristina Caragiulo
Nick Cosky

Learn some practical tips from two certified financial planners from BDF LLC (Kristina Caragiulo and Nick Cosky of BDF LLC in Chicago)  on navigating your financial concerns during these challenging times.

Coronavirus anxieity for families video
March 27, 2020
Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA
Ken Goodman, LCSW
David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP

ADAA members Ken Goodman, LCSW, Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA and David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP share helpful tips and strategies to manage coronavirus anxiety and stress for families.


March 20, 2020
Ken Goodman, LCSW
Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA
David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP


ADAA members Ken Goodman, LCSW, Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA and David Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP share "top 10" tips and strategies to help manage coronavirus panic and anxiety in this short video.

March 10, 2020
Ken Goodman, LCSW, Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA, Sally Winston, PsyD, Reid Wilson, PhD

ADAA members Ken Goodman, LCSW, abd Drs. Debra Kissen, Reid Wilson, and Sally Winston share expert tips to manage coronavirus anxiety.

February 28, 2020
Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA

ADAA member Dr. Debra Kissen shares tips and strategies to manage coronovirus anxiety in this 5 minute video. 

Managing Stress in Sports
January 31, 2020
Mitchell Greene, PhD

Research shows, and everyone agrees, that exercising and playing sports can be one of the best natural stress relievers we have for feelings of anxiety, depression and overwhelm.

January 23, 2020
Dave Carbonell, PhD

Anxiety makes us question our decisions and ourselves, and worry

December 13, 2019
Jenny Yip, PsyD, ABPP

Many women and couples today delay pregnancy well into their 30s and 40s.