by Natalie Engel

It has happened to almost everyone at some time in their lives. You start feeling lightheaded, you can actually feel your heart pounding, you may be short of breath or have chest pain. It feels like you may be having a heart attack!

However, chances are pretty good that you are having a panic attack unless you are someone with heart disease or a history of cardiovascular problems. 

How Do You Know You Are Having a Panic Attack? 

Of course, you should have it checked out by a doctor if you have never experienced this before. Panic attacks can certainly feel like heart attacks if you have never had one before. Sometimes they occur out of nowhere and for no obvious reason. Other times, you are in the middle of a crowded store or at work dealing with too many things at once. People with panic disorders can have several panic attacks per week and every time they have one, they actually believe they are going to die. The symptoms of a panic attack include:

  • Dizziness
  • Sweating
  • Shaking or trembling
  • Fear that you are going crazy
  • Abdominal or digestive issues such as diarrhea or vomiting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Hot flashes
  • Sweating
  • Nervousness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Feeling like you are going to die

Getting Through a Panic Attack

When you are having a panic attack, it is really difficult to get it under control. However, it is not impossible. It is best if you talk to a therapist to learn the best techniques to help your individual symptoms of panic attacks. However, in the meantime, there are some things you can do.

Deep Breathing

Getting a grasp on your breathing is the most important way to get your panic attack under control. Most people who are in the middle of an attack are breathing fast, which is what causes the rapid heartrate, dizziness, and can even cause you to faint. You may have seen people on television suffering from a panic attack and someone always gives them a paper bag or something to breathe into. You do not need the bag. That is just a way to trick your mind into thinking about your breathing rather than thinking about panicking. To do deep breathing, all you have to do is take a slow breath in through your nose, hold it for a couple of seconds, and then exhale and repeat. Make sure you pause for about three seconds between each breath so you do not end up hyperventilating. You can do this while standing, sitting, or laying down. 

Relax Your Muscles

Getting yourself to relax is done by relaxing your body, one muscle at a time. Progressive muscle relaxation is done in two steps. The first step is to tense your muscle groups one at a time. Then, release the tension of these muscle groups one at a time. Pay attention to each individual muscle as you tense and relax it. It also helps if you do your deep breathing during this exercise. 

Face Your Fears

The experts claim that the best way to get control of your panic disorder is to face your fears. To do this, you have to allow yourself to have panic attacks voluntarily so you can desensitize yourself from the symptoms. By bringing the symptoms on yourself, you will have a sense of control over the panic attacks and the feelings that occur during the attack. Eventually, you will get so used to these situations that set off the panic attacks that your body will not respond with these symptoms anymore. 

If you are having panic attacks more than once a month, you should talk to a therapist or counselor about it. You can talk to someone online without even needing an appointment.

About the Author

Natalie engel_0.jpegNatalie Engel graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2017, and is now a member of the Community and Support team at BetterHelp. Her daily work includes supporting the counselors, clients and any potential clients on the BetterHelp platform. One of her favorite aspects of her position is getting to interview and onboard counselors to expand the platform, and allow every member to be matched with a counselor who best fits their needs.

I'm Manjunath, IT professional aged 50 lived in Bangalore. I had stevia raw leaf juice accidently in 2015, instantly mean after 5min, had a severe panic attack, fear, anxiety, heart palpitation. Dr diagnosed with anxiety after a blood test was done by pathologist were found serotonin reduction drastically. Psychiatric gave treatment to increase serotonin for 6 weeks, later I'm getting heart palpitation for no reason, also hypoglycimia occurs when I delay to take breakfast/lunch/dinner. Psychiatric Dr said anxiety causes all the brief and adviced to ignore when occurs. Now I have dizziness suddenly with no time, SYS/DIA increases to 185/92. Cardiologist gave tablets to reduce SYS/DIA, even though it increased today admited in ICU for 2 hours. Because of severe anxiety unable to accept the higher position, international travel & opportunities.

All these problems started after consuming stevia leaf and don't have the history of anxiety in the past or in the family. How to get rid of anxiety without medicine or without consuming liver animal meat. Please drop me a suggestion to

Believe it or not, you can develop anxiety or panic disorder at any point in your life, and for almost any reason known to man. Genetics, stress, personality, even brain chemistry. And while the ways listed above can help many cope others have to rely on medication. I am a 23 year old woman, and up until about 2 months ago I was diagnosed with severe anxiety. This was only found out because I was hospitalized 3 different occasions for chest pain, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate (about 180 bpm), dizziness, and feeling like I was dying. Felt like an honest to god heart attack. And now it happens at random multiple times a day all the time. I am on Vistaril an anti anxiety med and antihistamine for my allergies. What I'm trying to say and I'm not invalidating your claim, I highly doubt stevia did this. As mentioned anxiety or panic disorder can develope at any age for any reason whether known or not. Panic disorder differing in the fact that you're so fearful of having another attack it can worsen and you may even avoid activities you think may cause it. If none of the coping mechanisms such as focusing on breathing, talking to someone, or even trying to just get through them work. Your only option would be medication to get a handle on it or to generally alleviate the symptoms, and that's something you have to come to terms with. Up until this year, I wouldn't have believed it myself but here I am. And I am trying to help

I am suffering what you have suffered. Can you help me?? It very difficult to deal this situation. I cant sleep, i am irritable.. What should i do?? Help me pls.....

Hi! I hope you're feeling better. It must be tough and difficult going through this, but I know you'll find the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep going strong

Yesterday me and my friends got into a fight almost instantly i sat on the ground was trembling and shaking had a shaky voice and was breathing really fast i dont know if i have anxiety because this has happened alot i dont know if it is a panic attack even if i do have anxiety i dont think my parents would believe me any advice

I completely agree with you. I'm a 35 year old female and I live in the Netherlands.
All of a sudden panic attacks came into my life 4 months ago. We're in the covid 19 pandemic and in March I suddenly experienced shortness of breath, feelings like suffocating and chest pain. My right lung wouldn't fill itself with air. My left lung was able to take deep breaths, my right lung wasn't. I started trembling, cold and hot flashes, sweating, complete chaos came over me. I thought I was having a heart attack or bad pneumonia cause of covid. It was my fear to catch covid. Since I'm asthmatic. I've been having panic attacks everyday, multiple times a day since. I've visited the ER many times, got my lungs checked out, ECG for the heart, saturation checked, got checked for pneumonia, lung Xray.. All negative. I did have an intense fever for 6 weeks without feeling like I cought a flu. It was just there. So that had to be checked out. The specialist didn't understand this. Cause she checked my blood as well and couldn't find anything. But since the pain in my right rib cage was so dibilating I couldn't breathe I was convinced something was really wrong with me. Eversince I've been hyperventilating every day, panicking every day, intense yawning, gasping for air. And ive experienced a lot of derealisation. Feeling I don't exist. Even the world seems different and odd then. This was there fore over a month. And than I snapped out of it. But it still occurs now and then. I got a covid 19 test and a anti body test. Both negative. Doctor says it could still have been covid 19 and that this is a result. That doesn't help me. I feel like it's a panic disorder. The feeling of dying and utter chaos without a reason is so very frightening. My gp doesn't do anything. The word hyperventilation syndrome or panic disorder hasn't even been spoken by any specialist. Not the ones on the ER, not the specialist for internal diseases, not the lung specialist.. No one. I've had several diagnosises that they took back afterwards when visiting the ER.

* costochondritis
* tietze syndrome
* allergic reaction to a vitamin pill
* lung embolism
* covid 19 (but tests are negative)
* flu virus (but I never felt)
* asthma worsening (also impossible since I don't need my inhalers. And when I do take them when I'm very short of breath they don't help me. Which they normally would. This feels so different than an asthma attack)

I've told them exactly the same as what I'm telling you now. And they come up with nothing. I feel like I need specialised help for this. Because it's ruining my life. I'm too scared to go outside without my partner by my side. The chest tightness is killing me. And it's a never ending circle. I have no control whatsoever over this. I do the buyteko method. A speech Therapist is helping me. But it's not working enough. I try really hard. It does help sometimes to keep me from going full blown hyperventilation attack. But the breathing exercises don't help my chest pain or panic.

How the hell can I get rid of this thing??
I meditate
I listening to positive affirmations
I try to distract myself which is too hard.

I can't even get out of the house. I sit on my bed looking at the sky and trees outside trying to keep sane and in the moment. Being so scared to lose control again. I've lost weight and have bad insomnia. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm very stressed and depressed. I can't function normal anymore.

I never EVER would've thought something like this would ever happen to me. Since I thought I was doing a lot better mental wise.
I've been in a lot of stress the last 2 years. Extreme stress and physical pain. Lost a few family members, lost a few good friends and i suffer from chronic extreme sciatica nerve pain since I received disk degeneration and foraminal stenosis at the age of 33. So my nervous system is always on edge.

I feel depressed all of the time since I don't have any perspective. I'm in pain on a daily basis, moving around is difficult. I was a very active person 2 years ago. Very fit. I'm an invalid now.
I keep things real and I'm down to earth. That's why I don't get why I have this. And why I have no control.

I can't talk to anyone about this cause I don't know anyone who has this. Walking up a stairs sends me straight into bad hyperventilation. Every chore is a challenge. I hyperventilate when there is pressure or I have to achieve something. Even if it's going into the shower. All is too much. I have no idea who I am anymore. This is taking over my life.

I hope we all get trough this. I wish I was more positive but to me this feelings like Neverending doom.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through all of this and that it feels like no one is there for you. Try to find a therapist that works specifically for panic disorder, anxiety, or PTSD. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy might be very beneficial for you. I just recently had a panic attack while showering and it was one of the most scariest moments ever. It was the first time I feel chest pain/tightness (on my right side) and I totally thought that I was having a heart attack. I felt afraid, ashamed, and confused. I’m getting a new therapist and I am hopeful that will help me a lot along with exercise and eating kore nutritional food.

I really hope that you feel better and that you find a helpful therapist.

You will need an SSRI I’m afraid. I have been dealing with what you are describing for 20 years. The only thing that takes me out of it is medication. I have tried everything else, but nothing works for this kind of severe panic disorder. Holistic methods and cbt works for milder anxiety in my opinion. But to get out of this hole you’re in, you’ll need your doctor to prescribe you something. After a month of taking an SSRI (it takes time to build up in your system), you will get out of this darkness. You’re not alone. I’m going through it too and had to go back in pills. Waiting for them to tKe effect. TAke care and good luck to you.

I actually stared having everything exactly point to point, how you are displaying it... even though I have got to sleep better now bc I been giving it time but just today I caught a panic attack talking to my friend.. I don’t know much about this myself, I was a healthy person before this happened to me 4 months ago too 👌.. my mom says it could be the COVID but I don’t believe it.. all I know is that your not alone, a lot of people got this. I’ve had a therapist, I been to the doctor and I chose not to take pills.. bc just how it came, it should go away.. yes it gives me fear and I’m only 22 but I try to ignore it and be around my family.. I had to take a break from work for those 4 months and just yesterday, I stared working again and thank god that I’m actually able to do 8 hours without only feeling few symptoms but hopefully we all get over this feeling of something bad happen to us... but once again, it could be anxiety bc fear causes every symptom you said

I just wanted to share my story so you don't feel alone. Around 4 months ago as well I started having strange issues. Three months ago in the hospital for a panic attack and couldn't breathe well and shaking. Scary as hell. They did chest x-ray, blood tests and EKG all normal. Been having them ever since and only Xanax seems to help becuase it knocks me out. I have called the medical advice line so many times. They keep giving me meds, even just prescribed a BP med to help with heart rate. I lost a close friend of mine shortly before this all happened and then of course COVID. I think the pandemic is affecting people more than we would like to admit. Take care! I know it's terribly difficult.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through this!!!:( hope you’re doing better! But you are not alone! I know exactly how you feel. I have extreme anxiety panic disorder and have depersonalization/derealization disorder, so I completely understand what you’re going through! I don’t know if you believe in Jesus or not but he’s the only way I’m getting through this hard time! He loves you and will never abandon you or forget about you! You will be okay!!!:) I will keep you in my prayers!

It’ll take time but you Will get over it, the same thing happened to me a few years back I was healthy happy and then boom. It sounds like you’re trying to get rid of this thing, you have to accept it, I live alongside it now and barely notice it. Trying to get rid of this feeling your flight or fight response which is actually a normal human response will only add extra energy and feeling of frustration to this particular feeling. I did lots of research to dig myself out of this, and I only found one thing that was truly helpful and made sense I’ll send you the link below. But the most important thing to do is remember to except the feeling. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been before, even before my anxiety. Be patient with yourself and visit this website, if it doesn’t resonate with you then Push it aside, but if it does and if things make sense then I would really recommend you trust what feels right and go with your gut. This is actually a book which I never purchased, I got all I need to know from this website and then I understood a lot more and my fear slowly peeled away each day. Take care of yourself and I hope this helps :) And there is hope, you won’t be the same as you were before, but I guarantee you you will be stronger. Life is literally better for me now x

I went through exactly what you describe last summer - Id been through two years of chronic stress and I think it just got to a boiling point. The only difference was that I knew it was anxiety as I’ve had anxiety all my life. Until last summer it never materialized so directly related to breathing before and I couldn’t control it. I have a tranquilizer prescription for flying and hate to take it, but my GP insisted I needed to take the dose every day for a couple weeks. Honestly that changes everything and helped get me out of the woods. Directly after that I started therapy for awhile to deal with underlying stress and it helped a lot. Took a couple months but I started to see a change and learn to slow my breathing. I got better and 6 months later got pregnant, and now we’re in a pandemic RELATED TO BREATHING. Sometimes I laugh because for me in my own little reality this is the worst possible situation. I am experiencing some of those symptoms again but this time in a more minor way. It’s still horrible and I can’t take any drugs. But from the therapy I was in I learned that I have to slow my breathing and when I start ruminating about my breathing I have to stop myself immediately. This means if I wake up at 3am and even have ONE Half asleep thought about breathing, I have to fully wake myself up and do something like play a game or get up and clean make breakfast whatever to nip it in the bud. When you’re terrified of your own panic symptoms it can become a self fulfilling prophecy of obsessing over them. It’s mental discipline and it is hard. Therapy will help you. I promise. I’m not a doctor but I would guess a couple weeks of once a day xanax would make a huge difference followed by potentially going on a daily SSRI. I didn’t go on an SSRI because therapy was enough, but trust me if it ever gets that out of hand again I will in a second. Try to find a therapist that specializes in anxiety specifically. Might be easier now since you will probably have an appointment via télé health so you won’t be reliant on having to find someone in your area.

You will get through this I promise.

I know you made your post almost 2 months ago but I pray it's gotten easier for you. I pray it's gotten easier for everyone here that has shared what they're going through. I myself began having panic attacks about 3 years ago. I'm a 45 year old female with no understanding of how this could be happening to me. When I'm going through these attacks I I feel embarrassed, afraid and ashamed of how others will look at me. I'm African American and in my household no one believes in panic attacks so in order for me to avoid them feeling like I just want attention I hide out in my room until the attack passes. It's a lonely and frightening feeling. The majority of the time when I'm going through these attacks I'm constantly thinking about how long will it take before someone finds my dead body. These past fews years I've lost a lot of people that I love dearly and I know I'm not the only person on Earth to experience this. I feel like I'm on a completely different planet that doesn't exist. I've always been a loner I've just never in my life felt this alone and afraid. I'm struggling 😔.

Wow your anxiety is bad bad
I can relate my anxiety leaves me paralyze and dizzy had one twice today

Just take it a day at a time one day it will get slit or better or you’ll eventually learn to manage it

Or maybe you’ll have to go on the anxiety for a little while

Wishing you the best
You will overcome this

I can fully sympathize with you,your condition is very real and cannot be ignored by medics because your feelings reflect mine although my panic stricken episodes are not about covid 19 mine feelings of utter dread are mix of the work place and seasonal change.I honestly think I would rather die than go to work after I've had a break and the days are getting shorter,reuptake tablets are no good as after a while I get crushing headache...most of the time I can't sleep so staying in bed is pointless,so I hope you feel good one day and doom that it generates disappears quickly.

I have suffer with anxiety since I was a small child. However, anxiety attacks surfaced by the tie I was 18 and in college. I was a complete mess. I actually did not go on Medication until I was 32. I should have been on it sooner. I was living in agony dealing with overwhelming feelings of death and dying. I also had OCD thought disorder. Had thoughts of suicide, and this is when I got help. With Medication and therapy I can not live my life with less worry that doesn't paralyze me with worry. I am 52, now, married with 2 kids. I refuse to let my anxiety get in my way of raising healthy children. Bless you and good luck

I’ve been diagnosed with panic attacks but I don’t believe it not a second. What kind of panic attacks make you sick all day long and make you weak my heart won’t let me exercise because it goes to fast and won’t stop. The sickness really gets to me Day by day. Then I really do have a panic attack at the end of day. As each day progresses it gets worse like I get weaker the longer I’m awake. I basically turned into a hypochondriac because I’m just worried about my health now

Hi Jared, Sounds like you have health anxiety. It can be really difficult to treat, especially if you have an illness to begin with. Treatment with medication in combination with counselling is reported to be most effective. I have this issue. No-one can understand how you feel, I personally am able to identify when I am being irrational/panicking however I just can not stop it from escalating. I really hope you can get the help you need. I have been through a lot in my life but this condition is the worst I have ever felt. I wish I could tell you there is a magic solution but in my experience it is just working at it every day and accepting the disruption to your life.

I also feel like I have turned into a Hypochondriac because of the way that I feel..... I think it's the sickness or whatever it is that causes the panic attacks and not the other way around!

What consumes me most is the terrible fear of dying daily.... It is crippling to say the least.

I get funny sensations in my chest and my heart skips beats at random accompanied by a stranger feeling in my stomach, chest and neck.... Sometimes it comes so fast after each other that I think I am about to pass out and feel very weak and tired for the rest of the day.

Pls email me, maybe we can help each other?

All the Best!

Im a disabled veteran from the gulf war who went through two cases of military sexual trauma and was sexually abused by a female babysitter for two years while in middle school in the 80s. I had my panic and anxiety under control for years until just recently it all came back after my new psychologist started EMDR therapy. Now what worked for me before Clonazepam .05mg twice a day i cant get because my primary care doctor wants to try everything else which i have severe reactions too. If anyone else is going through this im open to talking too.

Thats what i take clonzepam 0.5 two times a day. When u have panic attacks does your face get really red? And disoriented

When your having panic attack u need relief asap. 0.5 klonopin is nothing. U cant get addicted really to such a low low dose, go to psychiatrist not a regular md. I take 2mg twice a day. Other doctors wouldn't agree so the thing is you have to keep searching for a doctor that will help you, hope u find d a dr. To help u quickly.!!

I had my first ever panick attack over a week ago and have been having almost what I call mini ones since almost daily I have searched and searched the internet for my Simptoms and ur comment is the first thing I’ve found that mentions the funny feeling in ur chest ,stomach etc that is exactly what I’ve been getting almost daily since my panick attack I am currently under investigation for several medical conditions and I think this is where it stemmed from but reading your description has eased me slightly

I had what I think was my first ever panic or anxiety attack a week ago. I searched the internet too, Vikki, because it was terrifying. I am 31, healthy, run multiple times per week, yet I thought I was having a heart attack. I’ve been extremely stressed lately (as I’m sure everyone has). It started as tingling and cramps in my left arm, hot left side of face, tightness in my chest, uneasy feeling, flashes of dizziness like blood rushing to my head, my feet started sweating, rapid unexplained increase in resting heart rate (My Usual is around 60 bpm, but it increased to 140 bpm while I was laying in bed sleeping...I woke up at 2 am, turned on the tv for a minute just relaxing, then it sprang up out of nowhere.) Since then almost every day I’ve had tightness and pressure and knots in my center chest, weird and uneasy and tingling and warm feelings on my entire left side. Today I said screw it and went running anyway for the first time since the attack...made it only halfway around the block and had to walk because I felt all the symptoms coming back including light headedness, stabbing pain in my stomach on the left side, rising anxiety, and unusual shortness of breath for such a short time into the run. And of course panic attack symptoms are the same as a heart attack (and I’m convinced it’s anxiety but that little voice in your head starts babbling! And my dad also died of heart attack at 42...) I don’t want to self diagnose but I’m thinking panic attack though dear god it feels like I’m going to drop dead. I don’t know if they are supposed to linger for multiple hours or days, but since the first episode I’ve had that knot in the center of my chest, with cramping and tense neck, back, and chest muscles, and overall increased heart rate. Sometimes it feels like someone is squeezing my heart. It’s like I’m always teetering in the edge of one. I hope this is “normal.” I’m not sure if this post will help anyone experiencing the same symptoms. But my god this is terrible. Deep breathing helps, sitting and leaning forward helps, telling myself it will subside soon helps. Even now there is an extreme tightness in the left side of my chest and down my arm. I have a “meditation for anxiety“ book I am definitely going to crack open to try to quiet my mind and get this under control bc it’s starting to affect my everyday life and it’s only been a week!!!!

I also thought I was having a heart attack or even die about 3weeks ago and ever since the first time, it never stopped. Its as if Im going crazy or get completely detached from myself, always feel like Im drunk and the palpitations that just comes out of the blue for no reason at all, throws me completely off guard. Its a horrible feeling and I feel like Im always on edge, I just want to go back and feel normal again. Any advise?

Everything you say is something I wrote on this site as well. I recognize every word you're saying. I'm from Holland and has my first panic attack 9th of march and it's been happening everyday a couple of times a day since. Complete doom and utter chaos and being so afraid. My chest feels like someone is squeezing my lung. And it's only my right lung. Hyperventilating, almost suffocating. Gasping for air, neck pain, throat is sore.. Omg this is no life. And I have no control over it! I'm sorry to hear you feel the same.
I do buyteko breathing excersises. They help me with the hyperventilation a little bit. But you need to practise a lot. They don't stop my panic. But it feels like the panix subsides earlier. Still, I have up to 3 panic attacks on a daily basis. They can last from 30 mins to 3 hours. I feel you.

Im feeling this way right now. all of a sudden my left arm feels uneasy and hurts if I move it. I don’t feel any thing In my chest but my head makes me believe Im having a heart attack. I’ve had trouble with heart palpitations in the past but never thought much of it. (Due to anxiety) I don’t want to feel or think anymore. It’s like no matter where Im at or what day it is my negative thoughts are always there. and they sink me. they put me in this hole that takes me a long time do get out of. I think about death everyday. I think about killing myself as well. I don’t know what to do because I feel crazy. I feel like if i spoke up Id be labeled as mentally ill. But I really need help...

I’ve suffered with anxiety for over 20 years. I’m now at where I have high blood pressure from it. My nephew passed away recently and it sent me over the edge since he was moving in with me that week and he was my brothers only child. I thought I’ve experienced every type of panic attack known to man but this is different. Horrible. Can last for hours. It’s just been horrible and then the Covid and being house bound. I’m losing it. Anyways I started feeling twitches, muscle spasms, numbness all over my body and horrible attacks like my sugar was dropping. Now I’m having a couple a day especially when I drink wine. Anyone else just feel sick and anxious the entire day?

Yes, I have been feeling what you describe all day. Before it would subside after a nap or falling asleep. Now the anxiety symptoms will not go away.

Since last may when my dad passed, I have felt the same way. Before his passing I guess you could say I had a medium, normal type of anxiety disorder. Now it's "acute". It's absolutely horrible. Sometimes there's no real warning or feelings of a full blown attack coming. Which I'm sure plays a part in causing me (us?) to feel crappy all day everyday. I'm in the process of finding a new doctor... to make matters worse, our family just found out last month that my mom will be leaving us. Could be tonight, could be 3 months from now. Either way it's soon. I'm lost right now

I have had anxiety since my early teens, and I dealt with it pretty well but now I can't control it. I have been to the hospital on numerous occasions because of it. I'm on medication and it doesn't help. The mental and physical pain from it is exhausting, I was diagnosed with parathesia anxiety a few months ago, it's where you tingle and have burning sensations all over your body along with numbness. I have had panic attacks in public places, driving my car, and I have gotten to the point to where I no longer drive unless my husband is with me. Its a nightmare to deal with. I used to love to travel but now I have to make myself go anywhere. Plus everything that's going on in the world does not help, I hate having anxiety and panic attacks, it's very debilitating, and when you talk to others about it they don't understand and tell you to get over it and that your fine.... I have panic attacks daily and it takes me days to get over more severe ones. It just comes on all of a sudden, and I'm freaking out losing my mind which makes it worse. I completely understand what many are going through when you have anxiety and panic disorders. This is a nightmare, I feel for those who deal with it.

hi we’re having the same symptoms. at first i thought i’m having a heart attack. out of nowhere it happened to me. every single day. 3 times a day. i think mine is really severe. because i’m having it a lot lately and i don’t know what the reason why. it gets worse. and makes me anxious because in my mind always thinking when is my next episodes and it will happen again. specially when i’m laying down with my head to a pillow. my head hurts and i could not breath and even when i’m driving and i juat rest my head to the head rest i started my head really hurts again. and i couldn’t breath through my nose. started to have chest pain on my left side on the heart side. and my hands and legs are numb. sometimes when i have extreme panic i chills and both my ear had plag ear. my jaw like it’s frozen. i couldn’t explain it to other people what i am experience. i fear of dying i thought i was going to die every time i’m having an episode. i just hope it will stop soon. my family and friends don’t believe with anxiety and to consult with psychiatrist. they said we’re christian and just pray. i know God knows whatever is happening to me right now. but i think i should also take a medication. i think i’m just so scared what if it will not work it will not cure me and it will get worse. i’m not like this before. i’m always active and i’m happy person. and i don’t know why i’m having this kind of disease. i wiah my psychiatrist can help me.

I understand completely I’m an Evangelist and I ask God why I have To deal with anxiety depression and panic attacks I pray love God but I just don’t understand. They come out of nowhere been to the emergency room so many times so many medications been dealing with them for over 18 years on and off. I wonder if something is wrong with my brain or is it just life or both.

Your story made me cry. You describe everything I suffer from. I ask myself the same question each and every day... Who do I have this all of a sudden and why can't I control it? It's so freaking scary. I wish I could be of help. Although you don't deserve to suffer... It helped me see I'm not alone in this and Im not crazy. This is real. I wrote my story on here as well.

I certainly feel for you because I deal with this on a daily, and I am a Christian as well, I do believe in prayer. But this is something you truly need help with,you just cant get over it, this takes time. It's so irritating when no one takes you seriously and I have been there. People who have not expirenced anxiety and panic disorder it's hard for them to understand. I have been where you are and I still struggle on a daily basis. Everyone copes with things differently and it's not just mental it also plays a part on your physical health as well. I have been to the hospital Numerous times for panic attacks because it felt so much bigger than that, I literally thought I was dying. I understand where you are coming from. Panic and anxiety can come out of no where, I have been dealing with this since I was a teenager. Mine has gotten worse since June of 2019. I was doing great and now my life has changed drastically, I don't do the things I used to, it's hard for me to go anywhere. I cant get it under control, it's like your mind is going 100 miles an HR and my body is trying to catch up. I have parathesia anxiety, it's where you go numb, have burning and tingling sensations all over your body. Anxiety and panic disorders can do a number on your body. Try to step back and evaluate what's going on, talk to a trusted friend, pastor, someone that values you and dosent brush your feelings off. Like I said it takes time to get through things, if you have to write things down, meditate, find something that works for you. I know having supportive people around also helps, it makes you feel like your not dealing with it alone. I kept what I was going through for along time until I couldn't, the more I kept it bottled up the worse I felt. I had to find people who could understand. When people haven't been through something like anxiety and panic attacks they think it's all mental but it's not it can be physical especially when you don't understand what's going on with you and you want to feel normal more than anything. Anxiety is very debilitating, and it can make changes in every part of your life.

I have this as well! And I feel so alone. It happened to me in the same week as yours did! For the first time. I feel like I suffer from something bigger and that those panic attacks are the result. My chest feels funny as well. And painful. I posted a post on here as well. I'm at my wits end.

I have been doing that since I was 8. When I was around 10 I would worry about death every night even though I have another 70 years. Now that I’m 15 I worry about that at night and during the day I have panic attacks about a mix of real stressors in my life.

That’s me too when I feel or know that my body is different my hands and feet feel kinda of tight. Then your body just tends to shake and your muscles feel tight or they may hurt . You just feel sick and not wanting to do anything. Then at any moment it just hits you and it’s hard

Please know that anxiety and panic attacks can be a sign of an illness such as hashimotos thyroiditis, graves, a heart condition or other kinds of autoimmune diseases. I have hashimotos for 15 years and just diagnosed with lupus and believe me both produce anxiety and panic attacks. I would think that doctors need to do lab work to rule out any kind of illness that needs to be addressed along with the panic and anxiety. Cognitive therapy is a good choice to help you realize not to react to the attacks and know when you are having one not to react to it and it eventually goes away but when it's that bad you have to try the meds and work with cognitive therapy.
Here's to hoping that anyone with anxiety with panic attacks find their thing that will help them through it.

I have the exact same problem, I was diagnosed with panic attacks at age of 8 and the effect me the same way. Every time I try to work out I get a panic attack and it lasts all day long. They are happening more and more either when I try to sleep, exercise, or work.

I’m going through the same exact thing and I wake up in the middle of the night trembling with fear thinking I’m going to die in the next few seconds I can barely get sleep with out being so scared . I understand. Have you had any luck with trying to over come it?